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IOSIS wins another publisher for innovative browser extension ioCORE

Based in Berlin and Hamburg, IOSIS GmbH is able to convince more and more publishers of its innovative browser extension ioCORE, which provides users with new articles even when they are not surfing the publisher’s website. So far, the CTR of the news stream, which is pushed into the browser in real time, has surpassed conventional content and ad campaigns by far.

Clear added value for readers and publishers

Particularly in times when AdBlocker publishers are making life difficult, the innovative technology of IOSIS is becoming more and more popular – among other things, the browser extension is currently being tested at ComputerBILD and bunte.de. Users also accept ioCORE well, because the push mechanism is already known from smartphone apps. Click rates of up to 20 percent confirm this.

After installing the browser extension, IOSIS can track exactly which internet pages the user has visited. The current data protection regulations are maintained at all times. The newly acquired user insights enable publishers to push content and advertising into the browser in a targeted and demand-oriented manner. Whether an AdBlocker is used does not matter – every push finds its way to the user. Even complex e-mail newsletters and expensive social media campaigns could soon be a thing of the past thanks to ioCORE, because even if the push recipient doesn’t click, on average 99% of content and advertising are seen.


IOSIS GmbH develops leading technologies in the Software as a Service (Saas) segment for publishers and eCommerce companies. The startup was launched by the Venture Builder Covus 2017. Currently, with ioCORE, IOSIS is the only company in Europe that offers push technology as a browser extension.