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News about IOSIS and Push Notifications

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WHAT ARE WEB PUSH NOTIFICATIONS OR BROWSER PUSH NOTIFICATIONS? Web push notifications are messages that come from a website. You get them on your desktop or device even when the website is not open in your browser. It is a new marketing channel to...

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WHAT IS IOPUSH? IOPUSH is an integrated, client-based engagement and monitoring platform which enables publishers to fully evaluate user behavior and target them with specific content at any given time while the user is surfing the web. It is the web based...

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Web Push-Notifications: Possibilities & Status Quo

For some time now, push notifications have been possible on mobile devices without native apps and on desktop browsers. This opens up new opportunities for publishers and e-commerce companies to contact users directly. They benefit from an app-like user...

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ioCORE on bunte.de

IOSIS wins another publisher for innovative browser extension ioCORE Based in Berlin and Hamburg, IOSIS GmbH is able to convince more and more publishers of its innovative browser extension ioCORE, which provides users with new articles even when they are...

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