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ioCORE. Browser extension, Push technology, user analysis & monetization tool.

The all-in-one solution for publishers and ecommerce companies that offers a completely new way to reach users directly, to analyze the browse behavior and to place specific content and ad campaigns.


Real-time insights combined with an user-friendly interface

Create campaigns

Create new content and ad campaigns in a blink

Real-time management

Update and edit existing campaigns in real time

White label product

Browser extension comes with no branding, perfect for your corporate design


ioCORE revolutionizes the way how internet users consume content and advertising ads. Even if your target group is not actively surfing on your website, they receive content updates in real-time via a customizable browser extension.

For the user, the ioCORE frontend has the look and feel of a mobile app and is branded in the design of the publisher or ecommerce company. You benefit from new possibilities to target your ad and content campaigns. Therefore, only ads and content with the highest personal relevance will reach the user. CTRs increase, the retention time on your portal or shop can be prolonged and more conversions can be generated.

In addition, you receive detailed insights of the browse behavior of your users in the ioCORE backend. Ad and content campaigns can be continuously optimized – as a matter of course, without violating German privacy policies.

ioCORE offers unique possibilities for user analysis

One of the main benefits of ioCORE are the user insights. Once the browser extension is installed, our unique profiling algorithm checks the specific usage of the extension as well as the browse behavior of the user.


Time users have spent on each piece of content


Identification of the OS and browser version


Country and city GEO heat map



User views and clicks statistics


Find out who your user’s Internet Service Provider is


Monitor your users’ likes and preferences

Campaign formats

Through the utilization of our unique profiling algorithm, every campaign can be managed with regards to content, style and target audience.

We provide you with an entire dashboard enabling you to review your user analytics as well as create and manage campaigns based on these insights. Choose from a large variety of different templates and send content and ads to millions of subscribers in minutes.

Video Campaign

Create a native ad within your users’ video feed by placing sponsored video at their video feed.

On Demand

Place ads within your users’ news feed and create promoted or sponsored content.


Use a pop-up box to inform users about special offers and deals and engage them back to your site.


Fuse with your users´ browser widgets and display content to them upon activation.

New Tab Campaign

Increase engagement with your users by providing them with customized content every time a new tab is opened in their browser.

Multi-Purpose Dialogue

Unleash the power of a fully customizable dialogue within the browser.

News Feed

Reach out to users through a curated newsfeed that is continuously updated with your content and increase your views and CTRs.